2Dec, 2014

Give the gift of health this holiday season

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Do you have a friend or family member who would appreciate getting a “healthy” gift this season.   Perhaps you can give the gift that will completely change someones life.  My health and fitness book is live on Amazon and can be purchased here:

Blast Fat Fast : The Ultimate Fitness and Nutrition Program  <—click here to buy now!

In the past week, I’ve had two companies purchase over 20 books and are giving away as client gifts this year.  What a great idea!  This book contains over 6 weeks of meal plans and recipes along with goal setting, food recording, bodyweight workouts, and motivation.  Its very simple and easy to follow.  

Leave a comment here if you have any questions.  If you live in Seattle, I’m happy to autograph the book for you:)

Blast Fat 300x158 Give the gift of health this holiday season


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18Mar, 2014

12-minute full body circuit

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Just finishing up filling out my basketball bracket (Go Lobos) and came across one of my full body circuits that I want to share with you.  Many of my friends, family, and clients appreciate a quick and effective workout to fit in with a busy schedule.

Bodyweight 12-Minute Workout (do the circuit 2x’s for a 12-min workout)
each exercise is 1-minute
1) Wall Sit 
2) Jumping Jacks
3) Alternating Reverse Lunges
4) Pushups 
5) Mountain Climbers

6) Plank Hold

No excuses!  There is always time for a workout.

“Never quit. If you stumble, get back up. What happened yesterday no longer matters. Today is another day, so get back on track to your goals.” -Craig Ballantyne


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4Mar, 2014

4 inspiring success stories!

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I have so many clients who have achieved many awesome accomplishments. These four stories demonstrate that no matter what point you start from, you can make positive changes to your body.

The #1 reason for each one of their successes is CONSISTENCY!  There is nothing more important to achieving a weight loss or fitness goal than consistency.  Every one of the photos below is a client of mine and they all have been with me for over a year (and I know they plan to stay with me forever!) icon smile 4 inspiring success stories!

Here are 4 success stories I’d like to highlight for you:

Karin. Never a runner.  In fact, here is a comment from Karin “ Thank you, Jill! I was out this morning in the freezing sleet thinking about my first race one year ago. I had never run in my life and used to hide behind the backstop when we had to run a mile in high school. It’s been life changing.”

FitnessRevolution BeforeAfter karin e1393957589979 4 inspiring success stories!


Kelly : Super Marathon MOM!  A career mom of two kids, she has completed over 24 marathons and continues to train for more!  She is very consistent with her workouts every week.  Waking up and running at 5am is not unusual for her.  Kelly fits it in even with her busy schedule.

FitnessRevolution BeforeAfter kelly e1393957687152 4 inspiring success stories!


“Exercise and Diet is the right answer” says Greg, who has lost over 25lbs and has adopted a mostly Vegan diet in addition to his weekly running and strength workouts.

FitnessRevolution BeforeAfter greg e1393957817137 4 inspiring success stories!


Dawn, another SUPERMOM!  A career mom with two young daughters set a goal to lose 40lbs by her 40th birthday and she did it.  In fact, it is almost a year later and she has kept the weight off.  A clean diet and consistent workouts did it for her and it can for you, too!

FitnessRevolution BeforeAfter dawn e1393957757744 4 inspiring success stories!

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6Feb, 2014

Tips to prevent a diet disaster this weekend

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I hope you are having an excellent week!  Just a little tip and advice before the upcoming weekend.  Do you ever notice how you can eat really healthy all week and if you eat the wrong foods over the weekend, you quickly gain back 3-5 pounds?!  Its very easy to do.  Suddenly, its the weekend and we allow ourselves a drink, an extra helping of food, not so healthy happy hour food, etc…

So here are 3 quick tips on how to avoid a diet disaster this weekend.

1) Start your day with a high-protein, high-fiber breakfast each morning. This will keep you full for a long time, plus, it will give you positive momentum to stick with your plan.
2) Drink Green Tea or a tall glass of water at each meal. Research shows that this keeps you full longer, and therefore you help you from overeating.
3) Make your own meals...prepare and make your own healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner meals at home.  It is very easy to spend the weekend eating all meals out!  that will quickly sabotage your weight!

Healthy meals and meal planning are available in my Blast Fat Fast book.  Order it by clicking here

Have a healthy weekend!

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30Jan, 2014

Pump up your metabolism

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One of my favorite fitness tips from expert, Dave Gleason: 

YOU are not a victim of your metabolism.

YOU create it!

Of course there are certain individuals that have genetic
disfuction of certain metabolic processes...

However that is not a valid excuse for most of us.

Try taking in most of your Calories before 3 pm.

One of the biggest mistakes people make is consuming most of their
Calories from dinner...until bed time.

Time to turn up the heat and turn on your metabolism.

No Excuses!

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21Jan, 2014

Top 10 reasons to fire your diet!

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Diets really do not work.  Why?  How many times have you been “on” a diet and then “off” a diet.    Diet is not an “on” or “off” thing, you truly need to eat well 80% of the time (every meal every day).    Allow yourself a cheat meal here and there, but not an entire cheat day or cheat week!  If you stick to eating clean 80% of the time, you will find that you don’t miss those unhealty foods and when you do allow yourself a treat, you won’t sabotage all your efforts.  Read the list below for the reasons why you should FIRE YOUR DIET!

When is comes to eating, here is the best tip:  Eat whole foods, as little processed items as possible.  If you can’t pronounce a food ingredient, don’t eat it.  Get Organic when possible.  Drink water not sugar added juices and soda.  Eat til full, eat when hungry.  Regardless of what diet program, none does processed garbage.

*Top 10 Reasons to Fire Your Diet!* (by Joe Kasper, www.fireyourdiet.com)

1.Diets make you *fat*!

2. Diets have been proven to cause health problems!

3. Diets give you a false sense of health security!

4. Diets cause mood swings and misery!

5. Diets are a temporary relief of a permanent problem!

6. Diets drain you of your physical energy!

7. Diets deprive you of needed nutrients!

8. Diets make your hormones go haywire!

9. Diets are a band-aid, never a solution!

10. Diets destroy your self-esteem!


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