3Dec, 2013

Holiday Survival Tips

I was reading an article recently that said the top 2 things people dread most about the holidays are : 1) weight gain and 2) credit card debt.  #3 was kind of funny to me…. “be nice to people”  ha…some people really don’t like to be nice.  If it takes just as much energy to be nice as it does to be mean, then why not be nice:)

Below are some tips for staying on track with your diet and weight this holiday season

Remember that nutritious, clean foods will always treat you better than sugary, fatty or processed foods”


- Limit consumption of alcohol and sweets

-Have a plan

-Stay disciplined

-Be active

-Drink 80 ounces of water daily

-Eat protein with every meal and snack

-Be happy

I’m sure its no surprise when I say the #1 New Years Resolution is “to lose weight”   I think people just give in and take December off from eating well and exercising knowing they will have January to get back on track.  Why not stay on track during the most stressful time of year and leave yourself a resolution that doesn’t involve weight loss!

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Comments on “Holiday Survival Tips” (1)

  1. Hi Jill…I enjoy reading what you read in a article recently, special about how to be “Nice to People” and some don’t like to be Nice. That message really hit home for ME…. as you know I’m total DEAF. Always had people making fun of me as a kid, I’m still having problems with this even as today.
    I had this argument with someone last week saying something to someone that they feel Deaf people should be institutionalize or put in a Asylum, because we are NOT NORMAL…. I was so upset about this remark, I wrote this poem and put it on FB…

    ‘If I told you I was deaf would you turn away’ By Joanne Albanese

    If I told you I was deaf would you turn away
    Or would I read your lips that tell me its ok
    Would you understand if I start to use my hands
    And tell you how I feel

    If I tried to speak and the words weren’t complete
    Would you smile and think less of me
    Or do you really see me for me and not a disability
    If I began to stare would you realize

    How much I need to see and listen with my eyes
    If I began to touch would you be offended
    If I began to point to what I want or intended
    You can take my hearing aid
    To you its just another game

    You can take my love that’s ok
    No matter what you take from me
    Can’t take my identity
    It my

    But come closer I want to share it with you
    I will show you how to sign the words
    I love you

    I show you how to laugh and be proud
    I don’t care who watching I want to I
    Sign it out loud

    Can you see me and not my disability
    Would it sound strange to say
    I am a language minority

    Take me for who I am and I can laugh with you
    See me for what I am and show some respect too

    Only then you will find that in visual mind
    I just might love you too.

    I know Jill this was not what I suppose to write, after reading what
    people do to other people I had to write this I hope you don’t mind.
    People need to hear this and I’m speaking out with my Hands!!!

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